JME Pool


Art By JME Pool


Having recently completed the Master of Contemporary Art program through the University of Tasmania, JME Pool’s works have been making their way into private collections internationally over a number of years. This has been boosted with her inclusion in numerous publications such as Blanket Magazine, Jakarta Post, Curvy and the internationally released art book “The Garden of Eye Candy”.




As a child I was spontaneous and unconstrained, inhabiting a world where adventure played a significant part in my daily existence. Unbeknownst to my parents, I would regularly sneak out of the house at night to explore the wild bushland behind our property, a curious child wandering alone in the Australian bush. Now as an adult looking back at these times, I find it disquieting that I risked my life on a nightly basis.

My goal as an artist is to reconnect to these experiences of childhood through telling stories of adventure and misfortune. Often I will have a series of illustrations partially developed and will seek out a lead for the roll, be it a friend, family member or celebrity. On other occasions, I come across someone who has eyes that long to tell a tale. I then allow myself to play out a scene and let the images come to me as I drift to sleep.


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