Melissa Anderson


Art By Melissa Anderson


Melissa Anderson is a graduate of the New York Academy of Art. She was awarded with The Prince of Wales Fellowship, a Jenny Saville painting tutorial scholarship, nominated for the Dedalaus Foundation, selected for the CAA regional MFA show in NYC, awarded a scholarship to study in Tuscany, and received the Vassari Best in Show prize. Melissa has shown in several galleries throughout Chelsea and the greater New York area.  She has shown at Sotheby's and Philips DePury auction house and was written about in the New York Observer.


This group of paintings focuses on women, framing them all on two size panels as either portrait or figure. These small and intimate paintings are made to hang all together as a large installation. They incorporate symbols of what the subjects dreamed they would be when they grew up and are juxtaposed with their adult image. This body of work analyzes femininity and its many ever changing definitions. The work serves as an exploration of dreams and of passions. I view this group of works as a look into the journey of each of the subjects but also as a self-portrait.


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