Animals 2

by Kathy Greenwood


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acrylic on found cloth, framed

7.25″ x 9.25″


Art By Kathy Greenwood


Kathy Greenwood is a painter residing in the upper reaches of New York's Hudson River Valley. She earned a BS in Studio Art at the College of Saint Rose, and an MFA in textiles from the University of Michigan. Her work has been exhibited throughout the region in solo and group presentations, and is held in numerous private collections. She was selected for a Juror's Award and a Times Union Award in two Mohawk Hudson Regional exhibitions. Recent projects include a site specific painting installation for this year's Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood exhibition, a totally out-of-control vegetable garden, and two small, unruly children. Greenwood is also a curator and writer who specializes in the presentation and interpretation of art in public places.


These arrangements borrow much from what I find most wonderful about classical traditions of still life representation. Objects both common and rare are brought together in unlikely companionship – caught in the net of the artist’s desire, laid bare on the examining table of the picture plane. As such these cannot but help but depict relationships of form and function, and something that surpasses those as well; the contrasts and peculiarities of items conjure stories, familiarities, and observations of the cycles of daily living.

The surface on which these are painted is another object in itself; a found piece of cloth that often has its own history of domestic utility and artistry. The Animals series in particular combines the pages of a vintage cloth children's book with small incongruous treasures. Each item is painted with the care of a portrait; the details faithfully wrought to bring forth a likeness. And while alone they are unremarkable, together they develop new meaning; they become extraordinary.