Copenhagen Facade

by Daina Falk


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Limited Edition photograph, framed

6″ x 4″

15.2 x 10.2 cm


Art By Daina Falk


Growing up in Maryland, Daina Falk began traveling the world at a young age and has been addicted to exploring ever since. In 2003, while studying at Duke University, Daina traveled to Florence, Italy, where she completed a Renaissance Apprenticeship. She was taught the ways of the Masters and was able to hone her skills as a painter.  While in Europe, she traveled extensively and envisioned a career in art upon her return to the States.  Today, Daina lives in Santa Monica, California and shows both her original paintings and photographs in local galleries and art festivals.




Since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I have had a passion for art. I used to doodle fashion designs on any paper I could get my hands on and I built “award-winning” Lego homes—fully landscaped—every Saturday morning.

Art in every form-from charcoal to pastels to paints to photography-has perpetually been my outlet. In college I carried out a Renaissance apprenticeship in Florence, Italy, learning the ways of my art heroes the way they learned from their masters. Returning to the United States, I was passionate about Renaissance-style art but then I (re-)discovered my love for photography. A well-timed trip to the Danish countyside's Louisiana Museum gave me additional inspiration. These influences opened my mind to the idea of a career in more varied forms of art and mediums. Photography and painting allow me to indulge my strange obsession with doors and my enthusiasm for vibrant colors, strong, clean lines, and the vivid interplay of lights and darks.