Dress Rehearsal

by Sergey Dikovsky


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Oil on canvas

20″ x 20″

51 x 51 cm


Art By Sergey Dikovsky


Born in Ivanovo, Russia, Sergey Dikovsky has been drawing, carving, and sculpting since early years.  Even though he attended the College of Textile Design in Russia, Sergey considers himself self-taught.  He started painting upon moving to New York.  Sergey’s inspiration is the world - words, sounds, places and images.  Having retired, Sergey spends his entire days painting.  His work is in private collections in Europe and the US.  He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife and two sons.


Sergey Dikovsky is represented by Porter Contemporary in New York City.


From a review by Lyudmila Volovensky, Museum of Art, Ivanovo, Russia:

Sergey’s approach towards art is creative and extraordinary. The composition and form are based on lyrical harmony of subtle nuances, and at other times – daring dramatic contrasts of colors.

Sergey’s deep knowledge and appreciation of world culture and art allow his usage of associations – Chagall, Modigliani, German expressionism, Russian icons; these are just some examples. However, Sergey doesn’t imitate anyone. The artist has found his own style and manner. His way is off a beaten path of cold and dull realistic authenticity. Just the opposite, the artist’s connection with his characters is internal, emotional, and magical. The characters, both people and animals, carry a deep metaphorical sense. Sergey’s art is innately intuitive, tasteful and sophisticated.