Eiffel Tower (Paris)

by Ricardo Yamamoto


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Signed Limited Edition gelatin silver print

5″ x 7″

Edition 2 of 25


Art By Ricardo Yamamoto


Yamamoto was born in Londrina, South of Brazil in 1974. In 1991 he moved to Japan as an immigrant and began a focus on photography. Since that time he has shown his work throughout Tokyo accompanied by various freelance writings.




Since I was a kid, I always liked drawing but my interest in photography started later for me at the age of 26. I am self-taught as I believe that the kind of photograhy I do is technically not so difficult - the key is rather to observe the world around. Photography is a very powerful way of communication and a true universal language. What you write in this language in Japan or Brazil can be understood in the U.S or India and by most cultures around the globe with no translation. In that sense, I photograph out of the need to communicate. And I also love most aspects of it when it's done freely.
Currently I am still working on the theme Tokyoites, which is about the way of life and urban scenes of this metropole.