by David Abecassis


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Ink on archival paper

10″ x 8″


Art By David Abecassis


David Abecassis received the AOCA at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. He then went on to a fifth year of study in Florence, Italy. Subsequently Abecassis received his MFA at York University in Toronto, Canada in 1996. Abecassis has taught art at the Toronto School of Art and was a visiting instructor at the Dundas Valley School of Art. He has shown independently and with artist collectives such as Green Thumb Art Collective, Truck Stop 12, Amistad and The Collective Unconscious in commercial galleries and artist run spaces. Some Canadian galleries include Mercer Union, The Propeller Gallery, York Quay Gallery at Harborfront, Spin Gallery and Forest City Gallery. Abecassis now lives and works in the New York area. More recent group shows have been at Gavin Brown Passerby, 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, The New York Armory, Exit Art, The Arts Guild of New Jersey and most recently at the Bronx River Art Center.


History acts as a point from which to look forward. I want the viewer to connect the images represented to one of their own memories. To speak of a memory of someone I never knew, using a photo I was given to work from leads to final works evocative of a hazy memory. It may not be specific but it's not universal enough to be called general. So when one can identify with another's memory, it creates a sense of commonality illustrating that we are different in our lived experience of course, but yet... somehow the same. The space of viewing is where the private and public may converge. Hopefully the emotions solicited from looking can repair some discord or fissure so something broken may be repaired. I try to pull common threads and weave them into commentary on life's musings and tragedies.