by Jennie Barrese


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Signed Limited Edition digital photograph, framed

18″ x 24″

45.8 x 61 cm

Edition 1 of 5


Art By Jennie Barrese


Jennie Barrese has shown her work in New York City, Jersey City, NJ, Washington D.C, Savannah, GA, Syracuse, NY, Stroudsburg, PA and Scranton, PA.


She received a BFA in Fine Arts Photography from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts, and although she is “classically” trained, she fully embraces all forms of digital advances in photography. “I believe that the digital process opens a whole new world of suspending disbelief that was not previously available to photographers at least at this level. As photographers we have always been tied to reality in a way that has been hard to escape until now.”


Jennie was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania and after living in Savannah Georgia for a few years has settled in New York City with her husband Josh. When she’s not making art, she is retouching images for top New York City photographers and running her freelance design business, Little Taco Designs.


Jennie Barrese is represented by Porter Contemporary in New York City.


My artwork is very connected to my emotional state. Very often during the creative process, I find myself subconsciously inspired, never truly knowing what my finished product will be. Other times, I can see the work as a direct reflection of my emotions. My body of work encompasses a scope of events and emotions from my life, whether brief or extended, that stay with me over the years, transforming and reemerging through my artwork.