by Jee Hwang


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Watercolor and pencil on paper, unframed

8″ x 10.25″

20.3 x 26 cm


Art By Jee Hwang


Jee Hwang (b. 1984) graduated from Pratt Institute with a MFA degree in 2009. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Hwang immigrated with her family to Maryland in 2003. She has actively participated in many shows in NY, including her first solo show at A.I.R. Gallery as a 2009-2010 A.I.R. Emma Bee Bernstein Fellowship Artist. Living and working in Brooklyn, NY, she has been engaged in many nonprofit organizations as a working intern at A.I.R. and the New York Foundation for the Arts, helping their public programs. Hwang had a partial scholarship in the Vermont Studio Program in 2010.


Jee Hwang is represented by Porter Contemporary in New York City.


In my paintings, female figures - often a projection of myself - conceal their faces by turning away from the viewer, hiding behind or within objects such as a stone or a bag, and by covering themselves with their hands. These obstacles to interpersonal communication refer to the failure we experience in the quest for mutual and absolute understanding. There is something that disables communication. We try to exchange our thoughts and ideas with others but those attempts are imperfect. I believe every person has their own abyss that they cannot share with anyone else. It is also the deepest private room in the mind, unshared moments, and untold stories.
Through my paintings, I try to eloquently elude to a paradox that embraces the human condition while expressing the potency of the simple gestures we use to speak our ineffable thoughts.