SusanBlecknerHeller_Layered Sphere_offwhite stoneware with sand_18x14.5x14.5_$1400
Layered Sphere

by Susan Bleckner Heller


Layered Sphere



Additional Info

Off-white stoneware with sand

18″ x 14.5″ x 14.5″


Art By Susan Bleckner Heller

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  • SusanBlecknerHeller_Layered Sphere_offwhite stoneware with sand_18x14.5x14.5_$1400
  • SusanBlecknerHeller_Green Homage_Brown stoneware with glaze_21x12x10_$1400
  • 65l

Susan Bleckner Heller is a studio artist working in ceramics and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has a BFA from The School for Visual Arts and her work was recently in The 9th International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan and received an Honorable Mention Award.


My work is hand built, unglazed, stoneware. Each sculpture is one of a kind, inspired by nature and organic forms. I am interested in layers, the contradiction of exterior appearance, and interior experience, of what is expressed and what is hidden.

The work is formed from rolled slabs that are draped onto forms, which determine the basic shape. After assembling, I begin a process of adding and taking away. I cut and carve holes into the form, then cover the holes by adding protrusions. I cut out shapes in the protrusions to reveal depth and layers. I follow intuition and instinct. Then, let the process and the clay lead the way.

I love the natural state of the clay, and stone surfaces, and try to emphasize this in my work. I use earthy materials to give the surface texture: including sand, grog, perilite, or clay slip. My color palette comes from the clay bodies I use.

Overall, I try to create a fusion of organic and abstract elements to convey a sensuous physicality and an earthy elegance.