Little Feathered Man, In Whom I Trust. Fish Eyes of Awe. I Like Your Plumage

by Anne Smerdon


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Watercolor and graphite on canvas

30″ x 24″


Art By Anne Smerdon


Born in Brisbane, Australia and currently based on the Gold Coast, Anne Smerdon’s artistic career stems from a background in architecture and fashion. Her works visualize the interconnectedness of girl and beast. She describes her works as visual narrations of the stories from within her head. Such stories are often conceived by the initial sight of a pretty girl on the street and fostered by the animals, sights and sounds around her during the creative process.


Anne Smerdon is represented by Porter Contemporary in New York City.


Accordingly, portraiture is a means for me to create visual narrations of fictional characters that I invent. While my portraits are based on a real-life muse, I see each model objectively. I may see a beautiful girl crossing the street and approach her to pose for a forthcoming artwork, yet I see her face and figure as mere armature. The essence, inner identity and individual tales of my characters are not captured from real life but rather they are created within my imagination and represented by the visual embellishments attached to each girl.

My portraits tell tales of autodidactic girls who have bridged the animal and human worlds to become one with nature, symbiotically nurturing fauna and flora and in turn, being nurtured by fauna and flora. I am fascinated with the notion of the fictional feral child of tales such as Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book and Henry De Vere Stacpoole’s The Blue Lagoon.

Like portraiture throughout history, I feel my artworks are important records and remembrances of these characters I have invented from the real-life muses from which they were inspired. They also document the architectural details, landscapes and animal personalities which influence my visual narrations at that time.