by Laura Salierno


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Digital C-print

16″ x 16″

Edition of 3


Art By Laura Salierno


Laura Salierno received her BFA in photography at University of Connecticut in 2003, after which she fled to New York. Currently residing in Brooklyn, Laura works as a freelance photographer and photographic retoucher. Her work encompasses all forms of photography from the documentary to the created, using the medium to carve the world to fit her vision of it and herself. Working primarily in color, Laura’s first love of photography began in the depths of the darkroom. Although she embraces the digital world, she still feels most at home standing in the dark.


Laura Salierno is represented by Porter Contemporary in New York City.


I find that many portraits are affected glimpses of a greater whole, a segment of life. Portraits speak to me as moments of the past, pale and powerful images of someone’s history tied to the intent of the portrait’s creator: a way to encapsulate a shared moment, to persevere a memory. A portrait – a stilled memory, a fluid moment, an impression that changes over time and distance, something that distorts and collapses even as you try to preserve it.

My pieces are meant to explore the fragmentation and veiling I often see in portraiture while stirring the vague, unapproachable potency of memory. I attempt this though a balance of revealing and cloaking. Presenting a view that is obscured and layered, an image that is both exposed and distant. The subjects themselves are presented as shades, shadows of their complete selves, like to the floating shapes that stain one’s vision after looking at a bright object.

Through the use of physical barriers in the photographic process and digital manipulation, my final pieces are crafted, emotionally fragmented, distant works of portraiture. They are meant to invoke both nostalgia and familiarity while maintaining the obscurity of a distant remembrance: the feeling of piecing together the features of a long lost friend, or looking at the image of a relative you have never met.