Roses Drops Petals

by Anne Marchand


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Acrylic and mixed media

10″ diameter


Art By Anne Marchand


Anne Marchand, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Georgia and a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Auburn University.  Her works have been included in national and regional exhibitions at the National Building Museum, the Southeast Federal Center, The Federal Reserve Board, Maryland Art Place, the Washington Project for the Arts, The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Palm Springs Art Museum, Rawls Museum Arts and the Arlington Arts Center.


She has exhibited work at other prestigious galleries in New York City, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina and Maryland. She has received numerous prizes and grants for her work, notably an Artist Fellowship from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and a residency grant to Culiacan, Mexico from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.


Anne Marchand is represented by Porter Contemporary in New York City.


Abstraction is my inquiry into the nature of life. The influences of poetry and mysticism lead me to reflect on humanity's place in the universe. As a painter, I am fascinated by the emotional power of music and visual space. I use a contrasting color palette to reflect pulses, sounds, and rhythms in the paintings. Similar to a diver, I explore currents and universal rhythms from the painting platforms of land, sky, stars, poetry and architecture. Early on, I realized that fluid acrylic paints are the best medium for me to experiment with the layering of paint, texture and words. Meaning takes shape in this environment where I invent forms and shapes to convey energy and movement on the canvas. By using a mixture of opaque, translucent and iridescent colors, the work reflects a luminous depth contrasted with a surface richness. Traveling is one of the ways that I gather resources and inspiration to take into studio processes. The observer is invited to relate to these "visual song-poems" as joyous expressions of life.