by Raymond Paul


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Acrylic, latex and enamel on canvas, framed

11″ x 11″


Art By Raymond Paul


I believe the creative process must be preceded by some primordial urge, some instinctive need. This is followed by the desire to reach a state of child-like innocence, and thus the condition of the primal shaman. In this uninhibited emotional realm, the seed of a work of art is created. This seed is fertilized by the subconscious and brought to the embryonic level. Here, the conscious attains control, nurturing and developing the embryo into maturation. The result of this process is a work of art. The artist must be in tune with his/her true self, the subconscious, contemporary society, the vast history of art and civilization, and the wonderful complexities of the chosen medium. Therefore, a work of art can be viewed as a visual distillation of life experience, knowledge, talent and instinct. However, a work of art is not complete until it reaches an audience, until it finds that secret realm of shared humanity.