The Seedling

by Joyce Pommer


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acrylic, marbled paper on wood panel
4×4″, framed 5.5×5.5″


Art By Joyce Pommer


Joyce Pommer was born in Quincy, Massachusetts and studied at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco, The Art Institute of Boston and the Art Students League in New York City.  She has exhibited widely in solo and group shows in New York and across the country and her work is in numerous private collections. Pommer’s striking abstract mixed media paintings originate from a spontaneous process using acrylic, gesso, different papers, fabrics and materials collaged onto surfaces of canvas or wood panels to create depth and movement in the space. Her larger more colorful works on canvas were in a solo exhibition at Southwest Minnesota State University Art Museum in Marshall, MN in the summer of 2008. A 2012 recent article by Siba Kumar Das including her work was published on Green Door magazine’s blog site Field Notes. Gallery affiliations include Gallery 705, Stroudsburg, PA and the Pritzker Gallery, Highland, NY. Her work is currently included in the member’s exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ through Jan. 2013. Joyce lives and works in New York City.


My paintings evolve out of my subconscious in a free flowing process - I do not start with a preconceived idea or plan. The space comes alive through the colors, shapes and layers that work their way into the piece - often by collage of diverse papers and fabrics onto a surface of canvas or board. Spontaneity and movement are important as new images appear. Some of the pictorial spaces become busy and congested while others are more vast and serene. The materials and the process unify these paintings. Placing different colors next to each other presents a new direction and movement in the painting. I see something different - a new path or a deeper space. Each completed vision portrays a sensitivity and fragility along with a strong visual image. The image is abstract but the feeling is solidified. Although I perceive my own image as the painting emerges, I also want the viewer to create his own experience from the materials I have presented; I want the pieces to be conversational. My goal for the mixed media works on canvas and wood is in exploring new textures and materials along with using acrylic colors to produce mysterious layers that again will present new challenges.