by Sarah Kaufman


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C-print, matted and framed

5″ x 5″

12.7 x 12.7 cm

Edition 2 of 10


Art By Sarah Kaufman


Sarah Kaufman received her MFA in Photography and Film in 2008 from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Kaufman is currently working as a freelance photographer and as an adjunct instructor of photography in Pennsylvania.


Kaufman has received numerous awards and rankings from various juried exhibitions nationwide, including Raandesk's own Optical Juried Exhibition (2008 First Place Winner). Her work is often exhibited both in group and in solo exhibitions nationwide.


Sarah Kaufman is represented by Porter Contemporary in New York City.


My photography is an inherently human investigation. The images are views into the private world of another person. My practice involves visiting people in their homes and making photographs about the relationships among the subjects, their bodies, and their spaces. This glimpse into the personal world of a stranger can be mundane, fascinating, uncomfortable, and beautiful. When made into images, these private worlds are incredibly particular, but can become more collective as the viewer calls on their own experience for comparison. Perhaps upon looking through a photograph into another persons’ privately focused moments, we may recognize something about our own.
In tending to our everyday ablutions we enter a mode that is seldom examined by others. Involvement with daily routines often allows for moments of emotional pause and reflection wherein one can become self-absorbed, both body and mind. The work studies these private moments that vary immensely in intensity and content depending on each unique situation, from washing to reading, to daydreaming nude in bed. The images hopefully allow the viewer in turn to become absorbed by the details and gestures within another person's domestic space and mundane rituals. The possibility for a quiet intensity within the everyday is highlighted and heightened.